Domestic violence In the abode of Lord (Manabas laxmi Purana Eng)

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While rendering “Laxmi Purana” into English , Mr Behera has dealt in detail and depth about the the great tolerant and inclusive cult of Lord Jagannatha as “Odisha demands to be the birth place of the Buddha. Till the twelfth century Buddhism flourished in Odisha in pockets and in secret, in reformation or in transformation. Buddhism competed and co-existed with Shaivism and Vaishnavism. Even Buddhistic practices and rituals were eminently compatible with Shaktism. Co-existence and conciliation of religions and philosophies in Odisha springs from the broad, inclusive, tolerant Jagannatha cult. The Panchasakha poets and philosophers reposed unwavering, indubitable, inalienable faith in Jagannatha.”

Extract from “Domestic Violence in the abode of Lord”

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